It is true,

the moment I look at you

My heart pounds fast

In an uncontrolled fashion.

A strange fire fills in me.

For some time, my mind

Stops to think anything other than you,

Nothing but you.

Your intoxication spreads over me.

Your glow, your velvety warm body

Melting in my arms,

These thoughts flow through my veins like lava.

Your sensuous waist

Coils like a snake around me.

Your sweet voice and your eyes cast a spell on me.

I feel as if you have come from the heavens.

It makes me crazy

Just as your foolishness have made me crazy.

                @mdtaslim from forthcoming poetry book

                 Honey & Milk – Obsession

My Love

O my love
How can I live without you ever?
Believe me
What I say
I can’t live without you
My love
Day somehow pass away
When night comes
It takes my sleep away
O my love
Believe me
What I say
When you hold me
In your arms
All my pain
All my toil
You take away
Believe me
What I say

It’s Life

It’s life
Good or bad
Happy or sad
It’s life
Come, hold me tight
Love you, don’t fight
Believe me
You are my passion
You are my desire
It’s life
Don’t walk alone
Dont fret, don’t frown
Smile and laugh
Sing and dance
Come, hold me tight
Love you, don’t fight
It’s life
Feel my heart beat
My lovely sweet
Flowers are beautiful
Your fragrance is soulful
Grief and grudge
It’s part of world
Come, let’s face
With dignity and grace
Moonlit night and you
It’s life.


An Evening with Dr Nadeem

An Evening with Dr Nadeem
Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Dr Nadeem Urologist arranged an evening at Barbeque Nation for my book recently published books Bade Saheb (Hindi) and Heart Throb 2. His wife Dr Mehzabeen and their children Jaziel and Jayed along with his friends were there.


I arrived with my wife Noorjahan at the venue at 9.30pm.


Barbeque Nation is in Z-Square mall of Kanpur.
They installed the barbeque in a specially designed place on the table and served skewed
Prawn, fish and chicken sticks on barbeque with variety of chutneys.
Chef Vipin personally came to enquire about the food to serve the dishes of our taste. Manager Rahul also came to enquire about everything personally.
In the end, varieties were deserts were on the menu but I liked malayee kulfi of all the varieties the most.
Sri Ravindra Singh and Vikash were for the service. I liked their services took photo with them.


Let Us

He has neither beginning nor end

He is nowhere he is everywhere

No one can see him he sees everyone

He can not be described in words

He is being described by everyone

He is being claimed by everyone

No one knows he has claimed anyone

Everyone fights for him

He has never asked anyone to do the same

Everybody try to sell him

He never wished to be sold

His followers may be seen in different get up

No one knows his perfect get up

Even no one has seen him ever

Perhaps no one will ever

He has neither beginning nor end

But he fulfills every dream

He punishes when becomes angry

He uses the things of our comfort

Earth, water and air becomes his weapon

No one has seen him punishing but

Everybody is afraid of him.

Let us seek his blessing

Let us obey him

Let us try to be good.

Let us

Source: Let Us


If love knocked your door

Be happy you are chosen

Open your door inside you

Let love reside inside

Dance and sing

You are chosen one

You will find everything changed around

You will find there is no darkness

Everything is illuminated

You can hear songs in air

You can feel fragrance all around

Love is root of all creation

Fly high you are chosen one

Love resides in you

Buddha was epitome of love

Christ was epitome of love

So was Mohammad

So was Brahma

Search inside you you are filled with peace

Let your soul wander in this universe

Be calm Love is GOD

Pure love Love resides in you

You are a chosen one

Your love has become Prayer

Chant love mantra Chosen one.

Source: IF

Review for reader’s favourite 2016 contest

My book FROZEN MOMENTS has been reviewed by Vernita Naylor for the Readers’ Favorite 2016 Book Award Contest!
Vernita Naylor is a business educator that has for over 13 years provided business development and government contracting education and training services to corporate (B2B) and government (B2G) entities and their stakeholders. Additionally, she has written for American Express, Examiner.com, Random House and their affiliates.

She does a lot of volunteer work for churches and organizations like CASA and Girls, Inc to name a few. She is excited to give back to authors with an honest and professional review of their work.
Frozen Moments by M. Tasleem displays a collection of stories within other stories, showcasing the various elements of human character. Tasleem became inspired by watching the lives of others. If you have ever watched people, whether it’s at the grocery store, on public transportation, shopping, or driving in your car, you will see various forms of communication. Tasleem gives us an example of a humanistic character as shown in the case of the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP). The DSP was hospitalized and riddled with pain, but the main objective of his family, particularly his son, was the location of his land, insurance, money and other things of value. The son did not care as much about the well-being of his father, despite the constant warning of the nurse to let him rest. On the other hand, Tasleem posed a question to consider about the DSP and the son. How did the DSP deal with the less fortunate in his line of duty? How will the son of the DSP fare in his future based upon his actions now?

If you are looking for a book about how choices affect not only you, but those around you, consider Frozen Moments by M. Tasleem. I loved this book and especially the concept of human nature. People watching tells a lot. The concept and the development of Frozen Moments by M. Tasleem have great relevance. However, due to the language dialect, some of the beauty of the message being conveyed may be lost. Overall, I loved the essence of the story, so pick up a copy of Frozen Moments by M. Tasleem to check your humanity barometer.
You can put your comments on the link given below

M. Tasleem

जाबजा देखा है

मै ने यार को जाबजा देखा है
कभी जाहिर कभी पिन्हा देखा है।
कभी नन्हे बच्चे की खिलखिलाहट
कभी उसकी मासूम सी जिद में
कभी उसके गुस्से मे देखा है
मै ने यार को जाबजा देखा है।
कभी माशूका की आखों के इंतजार में
कभी उसकी चूड़ी की खनक
कभी उसकी पायल की छनक में देखा है
मैं ने यार को जाबजा देखा है।
कभी सर ब सजूद सज़र में
कभी महकते नाचते पत्तों में देखा है
मैं ने यार को जाबजा देखा है।
कभी भूखी प्यासी नजरों में
कभी दुआओं के लिए उठे हाथों में देखा है।
मैं ने यार को जा बजा देखा है।
कभी कोयल की कूक कभी की पी कहां में
कभी फूलों के रंगों मे कभी बागों की खुशबू में देखा है।
मैं ने यार को जा बजा देखा है।
कभी कहकशां के रंगों में
कभी शाम के धुंधलके मे देखा है
मैं ने यार को जाबजा देखा है।
कभी बारिश की बूंदों से जिन्दा करते जमीनों में
कभी लहलहाते सबजाजारों में देखा है
मैं ने यार को जाबजा देखा है।
कभी फलों से लदे दरखतों में
कभी बंजर उजार दरखतों में देखा है।
मैं ने यार को जाबजा देखा है।
कभी आंधी और सैलाब की तबाही के मंजर में
कभी वीरान घर के बसने में देखा है।
मैं ने यार को जाबजा देखा है।
कभी जालिम के जुल्म में
कभी खिदमत भरे हाथों मे देखा है।
मैं ने यार को जाबजा देखा है।
हर तरफ हर कहीं जलवा अफरोज है।
कभी जलवाफगन कभी खामोश है वो।
उसी से रंगो बू की महफिल सजी है।
वही तो दिलों में धड़कता रहता है।
उसी से आबाद है कायनात के हर जर्रे
वही बस वही तो हमारा खुदा है।