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Joy is like a butterfly that comes and sit on our hand but can never be grasped or held. Instead Loving kindness practice, remembering to be grateful to self and others for every little boon and even for difficulties, consciously letting go of grudges help displace the sludge that builds up around the heart and keeps joy away.

According the Upanishads and the Shaiva and Shakta Tantras, Ananda is unison with God. Same association of joy with divine experience in Sufi poetry, in the Kabbalah, and writings of Christian mystics can be found.

Ananda (The Bliss)

When Mudita deepens, and it becomes our entire field of experience, we find ourselves in touch with the most profound level of joy: Ananda (Bliss) but in reality bliss is too ordinary to convey what Ananda in reality is.

Ananda is ecstasy, the rapture, a joy that comes up on its own from the very depths of the universe and connects us instantly to the vastness of pure being. Ananda is the divine power in the form of happiness. When someone touches it, he knows it he has touched the deepest level of reality.

joy is within you contd.

Mudita (Spiritual Happiness)

Practicing Santosha calms the mind, there’s a good chance that the next level of happiness Mudita (Spiritual Happiness) will sneak through.

Mudita in its purest form is the joy that comes from out of nowhere, like a message from our deeper self, which has the power to change our state in an instant. It gives rise to feelings, such as gratitude, exaltation, equanimity, and the capacity to see beauty even in things we rarely find beautiful.

Mudita can be cultivated, and it aims much of spiritual practice at generating this kind of joyfulness.

Joy is within us contd.

Santosha (Contentment)

The simple yogic antidote to this problem of the endless chase after the mirage of permanent pleasure is to go to the next level and cultivate Santosha (contentment)

Practicing of Santosha is essential, because it is the fastest way to decrease the agitation which comes from frustration, discomfort, and unsatisfied desire.

Santosha is being OK with what we have, accepting what we are, without feeling the need for anything extra to make us happy. Santosha is not having the desire for anything other than what we need. Thus we can achieve real contentment only when we will give up striving for what is out of reach, to stop expecting more from life than it can give us, and to let go of the mental patterns that destroy our satisfaction like comparing our skills, character, possessions, and inner attainments with the surrounding people.

Joy is within us

In Sanskrit, there are basically four words for happiness

Sukha (Fleeting pleasure), Santosha (Contentment), Mudita (Spiritual Happiness), and Ananda (The Bliss)

Sukha is inseparably linked with its opposite: Dukha, or “suffering.”

This pain-pleasure dichotomy is one of the basic Dvandvas (Conflicts), the pairs of opposites that plague our lives as long as we live in the feeling of being separate from others and the world. Like hot and cold, birth and death, and praise and blame, Sukha (Pleasure) and Dukha (Suffering) inevitably follow each other because when our well-being depends on external conditions, it will always come and go. This problem Buddha noticed, which led him to formulate the first noble truth.

It’s Life

It’s life
Good or bad
Happy or sad
It’s life
Come, hold me tight
Love you, don’t fight
Believe me
You are my passion
You are my desire
It’s life
Don’t walk alone
Dont fret, don’t frown
Smile and laugh
Sing and dance
Come, hold me tight
Love you, don’t fight
It’s life
Feel my heart beat
My lovely sweet
Flowers are beautiful
Your fragrance is soulful
Grief and grudge
It’s part of world
Come, let’s face
With dignity and grace
Moonlit night and you
It’s life.


An Evening with Dr Nadeem

An Evening with Dr Nadeem
Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Dr Nadeem Urologist arranged an evening at Barbeque Nation for my book recently published books Bade Saheb (Hindi) and Heart Throb 2. His wife Dr Mehzabeen and their children Jaziel and Jayed along with his friends were there.


I arrived with my wife Noorjahan at the venue at 9.30pm.


Barbeque Nation is in Z-Square mall of Kanpur.
They installed the barbeque in a specially designed place on the table and served skewed
Prawn, fish and chicken sticks on barbeque with variety of chutneys.
Chef Vipin personally came to enquire about the food to serve the dishes of our taste. Manager Rahul also came to enquire about everything personally.
In the end, varieties were deserts were on the menu but I liked malayee kulfi of all the varieties the most.
Sri Ravindra Singh and Vikash were for the service. I liked their services took photo with them.


Let Us

He has neither beginning nor endHe is nowhere he is everywhereNo one can see him he sees everyoneHe can not be described in wordsHe is being described by everyoneHe is being claimed by everyoneNo one knows he has claimed anyoneEveryone fights for himHe has never asked anyone to do the sameEverybody try to sell himHe never wished to be soldHis followers may be seen in different get upNo one knows his perfect get upEven no one has seen him everPerhaps no one will everHe has neither beginning nor endBut he fulfills every dreamHe punishes when becomes angryHe uses the things of our comfortEarth, water and air becomes his weaponNo one has seen him punishing butEverybody is afraid of him.Let us seek his blessingLet us obey himLet us try to be good.Let us

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False Truth

Can someone help?I can tell you a truth. Never believe poets and writers. They are very apt in playing with words. Words are highly dangerous tool. These so called people ,you have guessed correctly, make a very sublime, sweet ,hot and humid mixture and put some ice cubes to flatter common man and woman. When they see pretty face and chiselled figure ,they floor her with their words. They praise her like anything and when they see someone else they start doing the same. I am not like them. I always praise genuinely. More over I am not a great writer or poet. I am great scribbler. Beautiful Ladies you are fire, you are ice, you are desire, you are music, you are colour, you are fragrance, you are essence of life. You always chirp like birds, move with grace and colour the place. Sail your smile and fill the hearts with life, breath your fragrance in the air and enliven everyone. Believe me you are signature of life. Never believe poets and writers. Only believe me beautiful Ladies. I am a simpleton. I never speak lie and never go near truth. That’s why I am the best blogger. Mind it.

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