Ghosts are roaming on the road
Sweet tongued
Well dressed
Well groomed
Hiding their deadly poisoned tooth
These days
They are everywhere
Sometime I ponder
Am I really alive?
Am I not a ghost?
Or am I one of them
In reality.
I wonder
I ponder
Is it a way of living?
Trust, humanity, humility
Have become hollow words.
Are not they played after
Beautifully inflicting injuries.
Ethos and pathos
Leave it
After all we are educated?
Even GOD fearing
Which GOD?
Mine, your or his?
Does it matter
I don’t know
Really I don’t know
Ghosts are roaming around.
Try to be alive?
Ghosts are roaming….

Copyright mdtaslim
Kanpur, UP.


Have you seen lights
Playing on sea waves
In million colour with
Soulful soft music
Playing across the horizon
Have you ever heard
Each and every pieces of furniture
Chanting his name
You must have seen
Fury of winds and water
Volcano erupting
Lava flowing
Destroying everything
Whatsoever comes in its way
Have you ever felt
Destruction creates
New life, new hopes
Inculcates fighting ability in us
Have you ever felt his ways to
Clean your soul
Inculcate love for everything
Shun your ego
You are the real wonder
There are innumerable wonders
Touch a finger of your loved one
You can reach to his or her soul
We are real wonders.


code happiness

The Covid-19 pandemic has alarming implications for individual and collective health and emotional and social functioning. It has impacted the health, safety, and well-being of each one of us causing, insecurity, confusion, emotional isolation, and stigma. It has impacted communities owing to economic loss, work, and school closures. These effects may translate into distress or psychiatric conditions and unhealthy behaviors. In this book simple daily practices are incorporated which may be practiced. Few of them already exists in every society and by every faith. It will be just a reminder.

Ordinary man

Believe me
I am a most ordinary man
I don’t have look neither good clothes
Nor money to boast about
I am rustic in my talk
I am mannerless I talk aloud
I don’t know singing but I sing a lot
My dance is horrible but I move a lot
Believe me
I am a most ordinary man

But I have few qualities I think
Which may entice you don’t blink
I have lots of dreams
It keeps me going
I adore I care to whom I love
My love for them is for ever
If good time with my love I enjoyed
How bad time can destroy
I am simple inside outside may differ
This is your mantra my dear
I seldom find you in your true colour
This is you taught me my dear

Believe me
I am a most ordinary man
I am afraid of God I weep for others
I know I am foolish but it’s fair
I become angry when I see injustice
when you justify it I understand what I miss
This makes you powerful rich and great
This keeps me poor ordinary of such fate
But I am happy in my world
Still we are more in numbers
Without me you can not exit
Without you I can not exist

Believe me
I am a most ordinary man


Chirping bird

I love you because I love you
Without any reason
I love you without any confusion
I love you because I love you
You are like chirping bird
Very true not absurd
Even then you tentalise
Always every season
Without any reason
I love you because I love you
Like butterfly colorful
Like music soothing soulful
I love you because I love you
Without any confusion

Sex & Happiness

Sex and Happiness

Lots of sex doesn’t always mean fulfilling sex or happiness. Factors such as the quality of sex and couple compatibility are more important for achieving a happy sex life.

Frequency of sex is just one factor. Couple compatibility, quality, and type of sex are also important. Link between sex and being happy seems to be there, but it is complex.

Oxytocin is known for its roles in female reproduction. It is released in large amounts during labor, and after stimulation of the nipples. It is a facilitator for childbirth and breastfeeding. Studies have found oxytocin’s role in various behaviours, including orgasm, social recognition, bonding, and maternal behaviours. This hormone is believed to be involved in a wide variety of physiological and pathological functions such as sexual activity, penile erection, ejaculation, pregnancy, uterine contraction, milk ejection, maternal behaviour, social bonding, stress and many more.

Frequency of sex

According to the Kinsey Institute, 18 to 29-year-olds have sex at about 112 times per year. This works out at nine times sex every month or twice a week.

People aged 30 to 39 have on average 86 times sex in a year which is seven times a month or more than once a week.

People in their forties have an average of 69 times per year, about once a week.

So, depending on age, having sex once or twice each week is the norm.

It has been found out that 13 percent of married couples have sex a few times per year, 45 percent do it a few times a month, 34 percent make love two or three times a week and seven percent of couples get it on four or more times every week.

It has also been found that for many folks having a lot of sex makes them happier.

Couple compatibility is key to a happy sex life

Quality of sex

Having sex twice a week may be perfect for some partners but it’s the quality of sex rather than frequency that matters.

Couples with far less sex felt more satisfied with their sex lives with quality sex. Satisfaction.

Type of sex

People are self-aware and mindful of their needs about sex and happiness.

People feel they need to have intercourse but that is not true because there’s oral sex, masturbatory sex, and even tantric sex. Some get as much satisfaction from cuddling. Cuddling releases oxytocin. So, for asexual folks, this is likely to be far more satisfying than intercourse.

Make sure you’re having the sex you want to be happy

Frequency of sex doesn’t equal happiness

A happy sex life requires quality over quantity

Doing chores might be necessary, but sex should never be a chore!

Feel fulfilled: quality beats quantity for sex

Empathy was chapter from this book.

This book is available on Amazon worldwide.



It’s hard to watch someone suffers. We feel their pain or absorb their sorrow; we don’t know what to do or say. Those uncomfortable feelings make us turn away from their distress to preserve our own well-being.

The ability to connect empathically with others to feel with them, to care about their well-being, and to act with compassion is critical to our lives, helps us to get along, work more effectively, and thrive as a society.

Doctors turn off their feelings and create emotional distance helps them to provide better care, but it also makes patients distrustful, disgruntled, and less cooperative. The ability to connect with others is critical.

Being empathic improve health care, it also improves human interactions.

What is empathy?

Many confuse empathy (feeling with someone) with sympathy (feeling sorry for someone).

Empathy is an ability to perceive others’ feelings.

The ability to connect empathically with others to feel with them, to care about their well-being, and to act with compassion is critical to our lives.

We must understand the situation from the other person’s physical, psychological, social, and spiritual perspectives, the inner motivation that moves people to respond and express the urge to care about another person’s welfare.

While empathy is a built-in biological response to suffering, we still need to work at it, if we want to use it in more trying situations.

Empathy can be taught

We may find it hard to empathize with some people but that doesn’t mean we can not strengthen our empathy muscles.

Empathy is a built-in biological response to suffering

E: Eye contact. An appropriate level of eye contact improves effective communication.

M: Muscles in facial expressions. As humans, we often automatically mimic other people’s expressions without even realizing it. By being able to identify another’s feelings often by distinctive facial muscle patterns and mirroring them, we can help communicate empathy.

P: Posture. Sitting in a slumped position can show a lack of interest, dejection, or sadness; sitting upright signals respect and confidence.

A: Affect (or emotions). Learning to identify what another is feeling can help us understand their behaviour.

T: Tone of voice conveys over 38 percent of the nonverbal emotional content of what a person communicates, it is a vital key to empathy. Soothing tone can make someone feels and heard.

H: Hearing. Too often, we don’t truly listen to another person. Empathic listening means asking questions that help people express what’s really going on and listening without judgement.

Y: Your response with the person you are talking to synch up emotionally with that person to understand and like them.

Eye contact improves effective, empathetic communication

When a child becomes a high achiever, his accomplishments may give him little pleasure.

When children grow, other relationships become important. School teachers can increase children’s sense of self-worth by treating them with respect and warmth, avoiding harsh disciplinary tactics, and engaging them in learning. They can also directly teach empathy through literature, simulations, and other techniques.

From my book- Trick your brain for Happiness
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Hand in hand

Hand in hand in moonlit night
We walked together with stars in our eyes
When cold wind touched our face
We held each other by the waist
We went on talking about our dreams
With happiness, glee and gleem
We sat at a place drenching in moon light
We kissed each other as our heart’s desire
You snuggled in my waiting arms
I held you close to me to make you warm
It was a most fascinating moment of life
It is a treasure of my existence even in God’s eye



Abundance of dreams
Abundance of desires
Abundance of fires
Abundance of words
Abundance of colours
Abundance of songs
Abundance of pains
Abundance of longings
Abundance of waiting
Abundance of hopes
Abundance of glams
Abundance of gleems
Abundance of prayers
Abundance of searches
Abundance of togetherness
Abundance of space
Abundance of time
Abundance of interactions
Abundance of existence
Abundance of relations
Abundance to survive
Can not be defined
Can not be measured
Can not be felt
An endless space
A peace for soul
A desire unfulfilled
Neither you
Nor me
Not our togetherness
Beyond our comprehension
Beyond our beings
Beyond you touch.
What is love?