Joy is within us contd.

Santosha (Contentment)

The simple yogic antidote to this problem of the endless chase after the mirage of permanent pleasure is to go to the next level and cultivate Santosha (contentment)

Practicing of Santosha is essential, because it is the fastest way to decrease the agitation which comes from frustration, discomfort, and unsatisfied desire.

Santosha is being OK with what we have, accepting what we are, without feeling the need for anything extra to make us happy. Santosha is not having the desire for anything other than what we need. Thus we can achieve real contentment only when we will give up striving for what is out of reach, to stop expecting more from life than it can give us, and to let go of the mental patterns that destroy our satisfaction like comparing our skills, character, possessions, and inner attainments with the surrounding people.

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