Let Us

He has neither beginning nor endHe is nowhere he is everywhereNo one can see him he sees everyoneHe can not be described in wordsHe is being described by everyoneHe is being claimed by everyoneNo one knows he has claimed anyoneEveryone fights for himHe has never asked anyone to do the sameEverybody try to sell himHe never wished to be soldHis followers may be seen in different get upNo one knows his perfect get upEven no one has seen him everPerhaps no one will everHe has neither beginning nor endBut he fulfills every dreamHe punishes when becomes angryHe uses the things of our comfortEarth, water and air becomes his weaponNo one has seen him punishing butEverybody is afraid of him.Let us seek his blessingLet us obey himLet us try to be good.Let us

Source: Let Us

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