He calls everyone

I tried to acquire knowledgeI read booksI met peopleI met learned peopleI thought I am a learned personAn illiterate person asked meWhat is knowledgeI couldn’t replyHe asked what is happinessI tried to explain himHe couldn’t understandThen he asked me Are you happyI told him many thingsHe was not satisfiedHave you ever listen yourInner voiceI said many thingsHe was not satisfiedHe asked meHave you ever heard the voice ofSilenceI said how absurd is your questionHe saidBecome illiterate like meUnlearnWhatever you have learntKnowledge binds youFree yourselfYou will learn everythingWe strive to reach atStarting pointEven then we remain runningHe remains callingWe remain runningOnce I was learned like youNow I have unlearnedEverythingI started listening his callNow I hear the sound of silenceNow I feel aliveNow I feel the pulsating lifeAround meHalo of lightMusic of silenceOf earth and skyAnd of my inner selfHe is divineHe is infiniteHe calls everyone

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If love knocked your doorBe happyYou are chosenOpen your doorInside youLet love reside insideDance and singYou are chosen oneYou will find everythingChanged aroundYou will findThere is no darknessEverything is illuminatedYou can hear songs in airYou can feel fragrance all aroundLove is root of allCreationFly highYou are chosen oneLove resides in youBuddha was epitome of loveChrist was epitome of loveSo was MohammadSo was BrahmaSearch inside youYou are filled with peaceLet your soul wander in This universeBe calmLove is GODPure loveLove resides in youYou are a chosen oneDo you not feelYour loved one have become PrayerChant love mantraChosen one.

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