Life is a Riddle

‚ÄčLife is a riddle. 

          It is custom made for each of us.

          We remain solving it in our unique way. Some of us solve it quickly and some of us take more time.

          Those who solve their riddle quickly they are tagged as intelligent, those who solve their riddle in more than average time are tagged as dumb head but most of us solve our riddle in an average time are considered mediocre or common people.

           Common people are more in number or I should say we are more in number.

           When we solve first riddle another riddle of game of life pops up. This is the beauty of this game of life.

           We become addicted to this game and start enjoying it. Even we start comparing our proficiency with others. We start boasting for our proficiency and try to show off. We start thinking ourselves best among our peers and in general. This makes us inquisitorial being. Another game of higher and higher saddles goes on popping up making us more and more messed up. 

           This process of game playing goes on until the end of our journey of life, when we cease to exist on this planet called earth.

            Death is a biggest leveller it never discriminates between intelligent, dumb headed or mediocre, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, happy or sad, young or old, theist or atheist.

              It is a life which discriminates, always, at every step but it teaches us the value of patience, perseverance, humility, humanity, aggressiveness, ability to fight, ability to endure rough weathers and make us humane.

               Those of us do not learn all these things and practice it leads a miserable life. Once we learn and practice these things in life we start loving the best attributes of life and experience its subtleness.

               Love teaches us that losers are always the winner of the game of love. This makes our life a beautiful journey.

              Let us make our journey of life a beautiful journey. Let us strive for it.